Nowadays, in the modern world, career is more prioritized in our daily life. Your career has now become a highlight in defining your success. People, regardless of gender and age, become so busy at work, which results in no longer having enough time to spend with the family and or for the house chores at home. How do you find time with your children, your wife or husband, or your parents? Due to the over occupied schedules, we cannot have enough time to relax and spend leisure bonding time with the people who are closest to our hearts.

cluttered home

This can be quite a sad reality that we face as men and women today. People become very career and business oriented in the pursuit of great perhaps. However, the outcome and the hardships that we go through with this kind of life can soon be paid off. Working hard is for the sake of the future of the family. It is an investment for being financially stable and financially prepared when great calamities or emergencies in our lives might take over to challenge us.

cluttered home

Most of the time, we get really quite preoccupied and full of activity with our career. This will leave us nothing left of the time to spend at home. It leaves us a lot of unfinished business with our house chores and responsibilities. Who will do the laundry, or wash the dishes now? How about the cab webs that have made another version of their own home inside your house? Those molds and dust that are so annoying to your nostrils might even cause sickness and danger to your health. The carpet might be full of dirt as well. It will truly give you a lot of difficulties for your head to manage and see those mess and chaos going on all around your house. You also have to keep in mind that you should not take for granted your kitchen at all times. Remember at always that this is actually the most important part of your home. It is important to have a clean surrounding on your kitchen at all times because the food that you put in your mouth goes directly to your body. Therefore, this directly affects your physical body.

cluttered home

Studies have proven how negative is the effect to your wellbeing in dirty and chaotic things at home. It affects the way of how you think and how you handle stress. It gives you more problems for your well-being most especially for your physical and mental health. Do not let the bacteria and germs that are invisible to our naked eye take over your home. Make a quick action to maintain the cleanliness and to keep it a good environment for you and your family since this is where you live. This is supposed to be a place where you can have a peace of mind. It is the environment where you mostly spend your time for sleeping and taking a good rest.

So before you even suffer from acute illnesses just because of the mess and untidiness of your home, then it is better to contact an expert for maid service. It will give you a much easier life and a hassle-free way of seeing your home a better place to live again.

Do you know what could be the effects of a very untidy home to your entire well-being? What does a dirty, cluttered home do to your PHYSICAL and mental HEALTH?

IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL EXHAUSTED. Seeing your house turning into a cluttered home can cause you extreme physic drain and unpleasant visual. All of this stuff makes you weary and fatigued. One of the most significant indications of suffering from fatigue is not being able to throw away unnecessary and unneeded things at home. These things have negative energies that have an essential impact to your home and to yourself as well.

cluttered homeIf you see everything as a collection of antiques, even if these things are not, then you might be already suffering from it. For a person who unconsciously suffers from fatigue, everything just seems to be sort of “collectible.” Even if these “collectibles” are just a junk of garbage, you still feel that you are going to use it even when in reality, you can no longer make use of these unnecessary things. This is why the negative energies come in and bounce back to your way of thinking. From the heavy work outside, you need to feel relaxed when you arrive at home. When you find everything at home so messy and untidy, it adds up to your mind’s preoccupation. Everything seems to be a disaster. Try organizing a few the messy things around you. Start from cleaning your bedroom and it will easily urge you that a good and clean bed would urge you to clean the entire house as well.

cluttered homeHOW DOES CLUTTER HURT YOU? Clutters at home make you feel that you cannot control things in your own hands. To make it crystal clear, you seem to be out of control in your life. That is because most of the time some stuff can be in control however you are not. So make things work again. Find ways to be back on track by starting to fix your home. You will find yourself having a great feeling right after having your home all set and clean. Start making it liveable again before you create an ecosystem of germs, bacteria, and other substances that are blatantly harmful for you and your family’s health.

Make yourself the commander in chief of your life and take control of all those unnecessary stuff by throwing or donating the things that you no longer need, or if not, start organizing your things to make your home look dainty and healthy— and keep in mind that this is not just your responsibility. This is the responsibility of everyone who is living at your home. Get everyone in your home on the act.

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